Thursday, September 8, 2011

time to learn

The experience of salmon fishing is not immediate. However there is a reward for your investment.

Time to learn the water;

The riparian rights, the pools, the locals, the landowners. Where the fish are likely to hold...

What has happened to the pool during ice out?

Spring pools, high water pools, low water pools, breathtaking fall runs.

Where to take a novice, where to test an advanced angler’s skills.

Time to learn the flies;

The styles, the hooks, the beliefs, the prejudices...

The idea that the pattern itself means very little is instilled, yet I still find my confidence in select few.

Of course these change from season to season. I accuse salmon of being illogical. What is to be said of myself?

Time to learn the WAY

Proper rotation on a productive pool.

Being dazzled by a beautiful, straight cast from experienced hands.

The fight!

Reflections of the challenge.

Time to learn the legend;

The mighty Miramichi river. Great men have stood here before me. Great men follow me through these pools. Have they been on a similar journey as I have?

-R. Feeney

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