Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dreams of Discovery

The sights and sounds of the Big River are becoming clearer and louder now. In my minds eye I can see her in the distance, draped in the fog of an early morning. The sun is streaming through the gray and mysterious shroud,slowly burning a hole in the place where I see myself standing. The azure sky opens as the warmth of the sun scatters all traces of the mist,and it evaporates just as quickly as it was formed. The river is alive.The undulation of it's shimmering liquid mercury surface hides the object of my desire.Rods,lines,reels and flies fill my mind and dominate both my waking and unconscious dreams.What is real and what is a dream? Where do the two come together and where do they separate? The dreams of discovery are what pushes me forward. To stand in her waters and cast endlessly will be enough.

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